Amfora Amsterdam: sustainable innercity

2007 – 2011 | Amfora Amsterdam is an ‘unsolicited proposal’ for a radically different, sustainable development of the innercity of Amsterdam. Amfora solves spatial, environmental and traffic problems by building tunnels underneath the canals in the town centre. The tunnels accommodate parking space, sports & leisure, building extensions and filter exhaust fumes using state-of-the-art technology. […]

A15 Maasvlakte – Vaanplein

2011 | Architectural and landscape design for the renovation and extension of highway A15 between Rotterdam and its most westbound harbour. Michel Heesen was project leader/ architect for this tender in commission of OptimA15/ ZJA.

1st prize spatial strategy Rotterdam

2010 | The spatial strategy ‘Door dicht en dun’, developed by Gillet Heesen Nouwens Architects, has won the 1st prize of architecture competition ‘Een Tweede Leven’ (‘Second life’), organized by the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects BNA.

2007 – 2010 | Various landscapes are lined up along the N302 between Kootwijk and Hoorn. They determine the experience of the road: green road shoulders, impressing panoramas and strong contrasts between various landscapes. It is a true parkway with roadside restaurants at the most important sights and panoramas. Part of the project is a […]

Redevelopment Tbilisi Central

2006 – 2010 | Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a rapidly expanding city, currently counting 1,2 million inhabitants. The central train station, famous for its Gold Market with jewellery, is surrounded by a growing number of regional buses and taxi’s. ZJA was asked by GRDC to redesign the train station, turning it into a […]

A42 Emscher ParkAutobahn

2009 | In the city of Gelsenkirchen (D), Michel Heesen led a team of ZJA/ Okra who made a design for the A42 ParkAutobahn through the Ruhrgebiet. The design refers to the glorious heritage of this German industrial area.

Light-weight highway cover

2009 | On invitation of the governmental advisor on infrastructure, Rein Jansma (ZJA) and Michel Heesen gave a presentation on the possibilities of covering highways with light-weight structures.

2009 | In commission of the city of Amsterdam, Michel Heesen conducted a research by design on the possibilities of re-developing an existing pedestrian bridge in ‘De Baarsjes’. How to facilitate a crossing for bi-cycles without demolishing the existing bridge and the old trees in the vicinity of the crossing?

Bridges Palm Deira Dubai

2009 | In commission of ZJA, Michel Heesen has worked on the architectural and landscaping concept of the winning competition design of a series of new bridges between the islands of Palm Deira Dubai.

Zero energy design Ramspolbridge N50

2009 | In commission of ZJA/ Okra, Michel Heesen has made a quick scan of the spatial qualities of highway A50 and an architectural design concept for the new zero-energy Ramspolbridge connecting the A50 and the regional road N50. The design concept is based on integrating solar panels in the south facing edge of the […]

2008-2009 | In commission of id Maastricht (a company comprised of ZJA, KCAP, Rijnboutt and Lodewijk Baljon), Michel Heesen has been working on the design and landscaping of the infrastructure in the integral area development project A2 Maastricht.

Nomination World Sustainability Centre

2009 | Michel Heesen has been nominated for the international open architecture competition World Sustainability Centre Afsluitdijk. His entry ‘Powerful Curve’ is based on a partly elevated Afsluitdijk, combining an algae powerplant, a visitor centre, a zeppelin platform and a research institute. The architectural plan was made in collaboration with Thomas Gillet.

Wellness spa along river Rhine

2009 | Michel Heesen and soil expert Ann-Charlotte Toes have made an architectural design concept and landscaping plan for a wellness spa along the river Rhine based on the use of local clay and soil.

Urban design concept Vardø (Norway)

2009 | Michel Heesen has made an urban design concept based on a sustainable, zero-energy strategy for the city of Vardø in northern Norway.

2008 | Atelier Rijksbouwmeester asked Michel Heesen to make a quick scan of what can be expected in the hard shoulder of highways in the nearby future. The quick scan shows that sound-baffling screens will become a determining factor in the view from the road. Also, the coming decade will lead to more traffic flow […]

Nine wildlife-crossings Veluwe

2008 | In commission of Heijmans/ ZJA, Michel Heesen made an architectural and landscape design for nine wildlife-crossings in the Netherlands.

2008 | In commission of Heijmans/ ZJA/ Eneco, Michel Heesen worked on an architectural design concept for an innovative sound barrier for Schiphol Amsterdam airport, based on bio-mass production and an inflatable screen. The design was made for the international design competition ‘Barrier of silence’ and was credited with the maximum score on the architectural design […]

E-car concepts in urban design

2008 | In commission of ZJA, Michel Heesen has explored urban concepts based on car sharing and e-cars in cooperation with bike sharing guru Luud Schimmelpennink.

2008 | Michel Heesen has won the Zuid-Hollandse Vormgevings Prijs 2008 (category young-professionals). Heesen designed ‘Mud Spa Grevelingen’, a spa in which the excessive algae in lake Grevelingen are used for renewable energy, water purification and cosmetics. After winning the prize, Heesen took part in two strategy meetings on the future of Grevelingen.

2008 | Winning entry of the architectural competition ‘Atelier Malkovich’, build and exhibited at Nieuwe en Meer near Amsterdam. The folly Binnen Buiten (‘inside out’) has been designed and build by Gillet Heesen Nouwens Architects.