2013 – ongoing | Michel Heesen has joined the Quality-team of ‘Gebiedsontwikkeling Ooijen-Wanssum’, advising on integral area development, landscape design and nature development. In the floodbed of the river Meuse, between the villages Ooijen and Wanssum (province of Limbourg), a number of flood protection measures will be executed in order to improve water safety. A […]

2012 – ongoing | The council of the province of South-Holland has appointed Michel Heesen as a member of PAL Zuid-Holland (Provinciale Adviescommissie Leefomgevingskwaliteit). PAL is an independent advisory board on spatial quality and the environment. PAL advises politicians on a wide range of subjects, such as energy transition, sustainable mobility, agriculture, cultural heritage and environmental […]

2007-2012 | In 2009 and 2011 Michel Heesen and cameraman/ photographer Hans Stakelbeek made a 25,000 km road trip on the longest designated routes in Europe: European highways E75 and E50. Goal of the project was to reflect on the current state of infrastructure design and construction in European countries by means of photo, film […]

Nine wildlife-crossings Veluwe

2008 | In commission of Heijmans/ ZJA, Michel Heesen made an architectural and landscape design for nine wildlife-crossings in the Netherlands.

2008 | In commission of Heijmans/ ZJA/ Eneco, Michel Heesen worked on an architectural design concept for an innovative sound barrier for Schiphol Amsterdam airport, based on bio-mass production and an inflatable screen. The design was made for the international design competition ‘Barrier of silence’ and was credited with the maximum score on the architectural design […]