Brainport Eindhoven

2016 – ongoing | Michel Heesen has joined the Quality-team of Brainport Eindhoven, advising on economic development in relation to sustainability, innovation, architecture and landscape design. Brainport Eindhoven is a collaboration between the national government, the province and the city of Eindhoven and neighboring municipalities.

Smart mobility in Noord-Brabant

2017 – ongoing | Michel Heesen has joined the Quality-team of ‘InnovA58’, advising on sustainability, innovation, architecture and landscape design. The existing highway A58 will be redesigned in order to improve traffic flow and regional development.

2013 – ongoing | Michel Heesen has joined the Quality-team of ‘Gebiedsontwikkeling Ooijen-Wanssum’, advising on integral area development, landscape design and nature development. In the floodbed of the river Meuse, between the villages Ooijen and Wanssum (province of Limbourg), a number of flood protection measures will be executed in order to improve water safety. A […]

2013- ongoing | In cultural heritage district Spijkerkwartier in Arnhem, Michel Heesen is transforming a 19th century building into a 300 sqm ultralow-energy home. The building is heated by low-temperature heating in floors and walls.

2013 – 2017 | In commission of the province of Zuid-Holland, construction company Heijmans has build a new road connecting the A12 and A20 highway near Gouda. Part of the project is a new bascule bridge across the river Gouwe, the second-largest bascule bridge in the Netherlands. The new road is squeezed-in between the existing Gouwe […]

Highway A1-A6 Amsterdam-Almere

2012 – ongoing | The existing highways A1 and A6 between Amsterdam and Almere are renovated, extended and partly relocated by SAAone (VolkerWessels, Hochtief, Boskalis, DIF). This 30 year DBFM-contract (Design, Build, Finance and Maintain) covers 20 kilometres of highway with over fifty new structures, such as a new concrete bridge across the Amsterdam-Rhine canal, a […]

2007-2014 | The existing Zuid-Willemsvaart canal in ‘s-Hertogenbosch was extended with the new, seven kilometres long Maxima-canal. Construction company MNO/Vervat (Boskalis) won the Design & Construct contract for a new concrete railway bridge crossing the canal and a new under passage. The concrete structures of both the bridge and the underpassage are finished with a […]

2014 | Highway A9 between Schiphol airport and Amsterdam, also known as ‘Gaasperdammerweg’, will be covered by a new park. The project includes the reconstruction of highway interchange Holendrecht. During the tender for this DBFM-contract, Michel Heesen was project leader/ architect of the team SAAGA/ ZJA.

2012 – ongoing | The council of the province of South-Holland has appointed Michel Heesen as a member of PAL Zuid-Holland (Provinciale Adviescommissie Leefomgevingskwaliteit). PAL is an independent advisory board on spatial quality and the environment. PAL advises politicians on a wide range of subjects, such as energy transition, sustainable mobility, agriculture, cultural heritage and environmental […]

2013 – On invitation of Adriaan Geuze, Michel Heesen has been visiting critic at the masterclass Landscape Architecture at Wageningen University and Research (WUR).

Lecture TU Delft

2013 | Michel Heesen has lectured at TU Delft on mobility and landscape design.

2013 | Why are traffic flow and capacity issues the only reasons for transforming an existing highways? Atelier Rijksbouwmeester commissioned West 8 and Michel Heesen with a research on how to improve the problematic clash of highways and cities. In their research ‘Naar een gezonde relatie tussen stad en snelweg’ (Towards a healthy relation between […]

2007-2012 | In 2009 and 2011 Michel Heesen and cameraman/ photographer Hans Stakelbeek made a 25,000 km road trip on the longest designated routes in Europe: European highways E75 and E50. Goal of the project was to reflect on the current state of infrastructure design and construction in European countries by means of photo, film […]

2007-2013 | The existing Zuid-Willemsvaart canal in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is redirected by means of a new, seven kilometres long canal: the first new canal in 40 years. Part of the project are seven new traffic bridges and two ship locks. Michel Heesen was project leader/ architect of the design concept (in commission of ZJA) and supervisor […]

2012 | In commission of Mothership and the City of Rotterdam, Michel Heesen has designed an exhibition object on Stadhuisplein as part of the manifestation ZigZagCity. The object shows a possible future for a currently vacant office building: an inhabited building with the highest roof garden of Rotterdam.

2011 – ongoing | Construction company A4All (VolkerWessels, Heijmans, Boskalis) is building seven kilometres of new highway through the meadowlands between Delft and Rotterdam. The ambition of this project is that the highway is not to be seen, heared or smelled from the surroundings. Michel Heesen was project leader/ architect of the preliminary design of […]

2011 | ‘Geheugen van het snelweglandschap’ (Memories on highway landscape design) recovers the original ideas and plans behind the landscape designs of all Dutch highways, based on archives and 33 interviews with keyfigures in the design and planning of highways. The book was commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). ‘Geheugen van het […]

Olympic Main Structure NL

2011 | The Dutch government in charge in 2010 had the ambition of organizing the Olympics of 2028. The Ministry of Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) asked ZJA/One Architecture to conduct a design research on spatial planning issues related to this ambition. The team focussed on both practical and strategic issues, such as: How […]

N329 Road of the future Oss

2011 | Architectural design concept in commission of construction company Heijmans for a zero-energy regional road in the city of Oss using state-of-the-art technology, such as reflecting tarmack, heath-generating tarmack and smart information technology. Michel Heesen has made the preliminary design in commission of ZJA.

2011 | Michel Heesen has designed a concept for a new dedicated commuter bicycle path between the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen. The names and images of legendary sports heroes are encrypted in the tarmack, inspire and give mental strength to cycling commuters, who are the heroes of our time, choosing not to travel by […]